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First news P.S:O:A 2022 & ticketing-info

3 news in a row today! - please read carefully -


The best comes first, of course: It's finally here. You can see a large part of the 2022 lineup here - 80%, so to speak. We'll be blasting a couple of new bands straight to your ears in the near future. New to the lineup are Cannibal Corpse, Misery Index, Exhumed, Incantation, Necrot, Cytotoxin, Gaerea, Sanguisugabogg, Panzerfaust and Iron Flesh! We also decided to add a few more slots to the tent stage and thus give some smaller bands the chance of a show at the P.S:O:A. We will keep you informed about the upcoming new additions.

Furthermore, after a few tests, the tool for converting tickets that have already been purchased is available on our homepage ( We ask everyone who has already bought a ticket for 2020 or 2021 to think about one of the following three options:

Option 1 = ticket discount. You convert your ticket on the homepage into a voucher for the P.S:O:A 2022 - it will then be credited to you proportionally for the upcoming festival and you only have to pay the difference for the new ticket.
IMPORTANT: All emails are processed by hand - accordingly you will receive the answer including your voucher code with a time delay. Please wait for this feedback before you order a new ticket.

Option 2 = money back. Go to the homepage, choose the same option and we will refund you the full amount.

Option 3 = donate ticket. You don't have to do anything and donate the amount you spent on the ticket to the festival.

This brings us to point 3: The pre-sale for 2022 is launched - you can get your ticket for 2022 through the following link:

This is by no means an easy situation in which we are all currently, therefore we have decided to use a single-tier pricing model. Accordingly, the ticket for the P.S:O:A 2022 will cost € 120.70 including all advance booking fees.

So why has the ticket become more expensive even though we haven't been allowed to hold a festival for 2 years?

The reasons for this are manifold and we try to focus on transparency here as well. Unfortunately, we are confronted with many price increases, some of which are due to Corona and the associated measures, partly due to the economy itself.

As you all realize, professional musicians and their agencies and managements in large parts of the world have had to take an undesired forced break from live, which some bands and their business environment compensate for with increased fees.

Furthermore, the ban on certain businesses in Germany has meant that some of our long-term partners are no longer able to work with us. Partly because they no longer exist as companies and partly because they had to relocate and specialize in other areas in order to ward off those bankruptcies. This means that we have to recalculate items whose prices are no longer comparable with those of our old partners.

There has been a significant price increase in the wage sector of some of the companies working for us on site  in the areas of construction, security, cleaning and technical service providers, which we cannot simply cushion.

Also, everyone should have noticed that fuel and operating resources have, in some cases, become considerably more expensive - not least because of this, we also expect a price increase when it comes to air travel.

Last but not least: We firmly expect that a not insignificant monetary mass in terms of expenditure on hygiene measures will roll towards us on all of the points mentioned, which we can only estimate at the moment, as it is very likely that we will only shortly be informed about the specific measures and guidelines.

Accordingly, we have decided to adopt the last price level of the 2020 tickets as the basis for the entire cost structure of the festival.

If you have any questions about these topics, you can reach us on the usual channels - we try to answer any serious question.

Your P.S:O:A crew