With the purchase of a camper ticket you get the possibility to temporarily set up a caravan or motorhome at the Party.San Metal Open Air 2023 in the time from 09.08.-13.08.2023. The area, is not expandable and marked by the organizer. The briefing will be done without exception by the parking attendants upon arrival. These provided areas have an electricity connection (230V German Schuko connection - max. 30m away from the pitch - no rental of electricity cables possible!), a water withdrawal point for filling up internal water tanks as well as a waste water emptying point at a central supply and disposal point. No waste water may be disposed of illegally! Failure to comply will result in a report to the Environmental Protection Agency. A caravan is defined as a vehicle or caravan with a fixed electrical connection or a total weight of more than 2.8 t. with an awning or with a small person tent (max. 2 person tent).

The operation of gas equipment is only allowed at the Party.San Metal Open Air with a current gas inspection and the existing guidelines. Please note that the camper site can only be used by camper vans or caravans. It is not possible to camp freely on the camper area! The use of the camper area is subject to the "Green Camping" guidelines at the Party.San Metal Open Air, which you can find on our homepage.

Arrival from 09.08.2023 at 10:00 a.m.
Departure on 13.08.2023 until 15:00 o'clock

The usage fee is 85,60 € per camper or caravan with towing vehicle and can be purchased as a ticket. The purchase of the camper ticket exempts from the purchase of a parking vignette at the box office. The purchase of a festival ticket remains unaffected. I.e. everyone arriving must have a ticket, or buy one at the box office.

As we have limited space the tickets are limited to 50 pieces.