Party.San Metal Open Air is proud to announce the only German show of Norway’s premiere black metal artists! Among all the amazing black wizards that emerged from Norway in the early Nineties, one band stuck out: EMPEROR! Although they were sharing the merciless rawness and powerful fury that marked the turbulent Nordic black metal scene at the time, there was something else that this legendary act from the provincial town of Notodden in the rural Telemark province had to offer: a stunning vision of sound and composition that led an eminent German music critic to conclude: EMPEROR have brought art to black metal. With each album a milestone in the history of black metal, the main members of EMPEROR decided to part ways to protect the band’s artistic integrity in 2001. No new recording followed since, but on rare occasions the Norwegians have re-united to perform live. In 2018, EMPEROR will return to Germany for a single show at PARTY.SAN METAL OPEN AIR! Don’t miss this special event!



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