This band is not just another Eastern European legend, but our festival will be graced by a source of inspiration for black metal acts worldwide. A mighty host of extreme bands has been influenced by MASTER'S HAMMER! Founded in 1987, the Czechs have primarily followed in the wake of such iconic role-models as Bathory and Venom, but they soon found their own unimitable style. MASTER'S HAMMER combine black fury with orchestral heaviness, and a certain quaintness characteristic for their country. The band’s classic albums from the 90’s – especially “Ritual”, “Jilemnický Okultista”, and “Slagry” as well as their latest releases (after a long hiatus between the years 1998 until 2008) are offering extremely tasty bites to the black metal connoisseur.


  • Origin: FLAG
  • Style: Black Metal
  • Roots: Venom, Bathory
  • added on: 12.10.2017

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